First Arch Linux ISO Snapshot Powered by Linux Kernel 4.16 Is Here


If you’ve wanted to deploy the Arch Linux operating system on your computers with the latest Linux 4.16 kernel series out-of-the-box, now you can with May 2018’s snapshot.

The Arch Linux 2018.05.01 snapshot for May 2018 is here, and it’s the first to be powered by the Linux 4.16 kernel series, which brings mitigations for Meltdown and both variants of the Spectre vulnerabilities for ARM64 (AArch64) architectures, as well as Spectre mitigations for IBM System z (s390) architectures…

As usual, the Arch Linux 2018.05.01 snapshot is intended only for new deployments of the Linux-based operating systems, including fresh installs or reinstalls. If you have a healthy Arch Linux installation, there’s no need to download the new ISO image, just make sure you have all the latest updates installed.

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