July 30, 2003

First beta of NewPKI 2.0

Anonymous Reader writes "Here comes the first beta of NewPKI v2.

The main changes are:
- Handling multiples PKIs per physical architecture
- Handling multiples CA chains per PKI
- Central configuration of the whole PKI
- Handling the offline CA mode
- Smart Repositories, to handle the PKI Objects (Entities' configuration, CSR, CERT, CRL, ...)
- The PKI can be deployed on multiple sites, with automatic synchronizations
- Handling custom "plugins" for the Publication and the requests validation on CA side
- Improved mail notification, with the possibility to activate audits
- Handling groups of users
- Handling ACL per users and per group (delegation of roles to users and groups)
- Improved logs display with filters
- A very simple way to put entities in relation with each others
- Improved security (all sensitive datas are crypted and signed)

The release version of NewPKI v2 is expected in September.
Although this version is incomplete, it should give you a very good taste of what the final version will be, here the list of the present entities:
- The NewPKI Server
- The PKI Entity
- The CA Entity
- The Repository Entity
That's enough to be able to create CA Chains, and sign PKCS#10 CSRs directly from the CA GUI.

The missing entities will be published along with new betas during this summer, here is a list of those missing entities:
- The RA Entity
- The Publication Entity
- The Key Escrow (Store) Entity
- The End Entity

The license of the version 2.0 of NewPKI changed, it's now fully GPL.

NewPKI Site"

Link: newpki.org

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