February 25, 2008

First impressions of Sidux, the Debian based Linux distro

Several years ago, when I acquired my first computer and began to learn more and more about them, I did not dream that I would be using one as much as I do today. Even though I have worked in the automotive service industry for over ten years, (the first part of it was actually in the shop), I basically use the computer skills I have learned to provide for my family. When I first started using a computer, Windows 3.1 was all I knew about and then I moved on to Windows 95, Windows 98, and then Windows XP. I suppose I am insatiably curious about new things, because I am not happy until I know everything there is to know about something new. That is probably what led me to where I am now.

Link: myviewmytake.wordpress.com


  • Linux
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