First Impressions of the Zaurus SL-C3000 4GB Linux PDA

The Zaurus SL-C3000 is one cool looking gadget. I fell a bit in love with it. White plastic and silver/chrome elements. The whole look is very iPod, a great look for a PDA. The twisting screen is great, but not new for this model. The SL-C3000 can be used as a flip open PDA with full keyboard, or as stylus operated PDA. New with this model is the USB interface and of course the integrated 4GB hard-drive.
Connecting the PDA to a PC lets me access the Hard-drive and move files back and forth. The bundled Intellisync software also works over USB and synchronizes the usual PDA applications with MS Outlook. The bundled PC software is in Japanese. Just clicking, next, next, next during installation worked.