August 3, 2009

A First Kook at KDE 4.3

Article Source Cyber Cynic
August 3, 2009, 8:24 am

KDE4_3.jpgI've never been a big fan of KDE 4.x. I really disliked the first versions, like KDE 4.04. But, over time, KDE became more useful and usable. By KDE 4.2, I finally saw a new version of KDE I could like. Now, with the "so close to release you can almost taste it," KDE 4.3 is the first of the KDE 4 family that I can wholeheartedly approve of.

Unlike previous versions, this edition, from release candidate 2 on, has run without any hiccups on both of my KDE systems. The first is a Dell Inspiron 530S powered by a 2.2-GHz Intel Pentium E2200 dual-core processor with an 800-MHz front-side bus. This test machine had 4GBs of RAM, a 500GB SATA (Serial ATA) drive, and an Integrated Intel 3100 GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) chip set. The other, a Lenovo ThinkPad R61, is powered by a a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7500 and has 2GBs of RAM...

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