The first Linuxcafé in Switzerland

Alexis Wiasmitinow writes “BASEL, 19 August 2004
Just a month ago the very first Linuxcafé in Switzerland opened in Basel. The swiftly rising numbers of visitors are giving clear evidence that it is a successful concept.

The Linuxcafé in Basel combines the agreeable atmosphere of an internet café with the opportunity to profit from the know-how of IT experts with years of experience. Here the internet café not only sets new standards with respect to quality and products offered, but also offers competent advice on all hardware and software questions arising in connection with the free Linux operating system, which is an absolute first in the Swiss computer landscape. Operated by Linux enthusiasts and successful engineers, what the Linuxcafé GmbH has to offer is of course not only for freaks but for everyone who is looking for free alternatives to commerical software solutions.

To its international customers as well, the Linuxcafé has a number of highlights to offer that cannot be found anywhere else. With over 50 supported languages (including Asian and Russian characters), visitors from abroad have the possibility of surfing or writing e-mails in their native language. For the customer’s own documents it goes without saying that all current databases are supported, thus providing the greatest possible freedom. Further special features (to name only a few) such as Japanese tatamis (rice mats to sit on), a browser-controlled jukebox and unique installations made of woven wire or artistic creations of naked electronics instead of conventional, grey computer boxes, will make the visitor’s stay at the Linuxcafé a unique experience. Rounding off its attractions are the helpful personnel and all essential hardware, software and books, as well as fan articles.

Even in the short time since its opening, it has been shown that the unique concept of the Linuxcafé has proved to be a success and is enabling guests from all over the world to readily find their way and work effectively. Whether it’s reading e-mails, writing a CV, meeting new friends or getting in touch with the people back home – never before has working with the internet and Linux been so pleasant and easy!”