January 9, 2008

First Look at PCLinuxOS 2008 ‘MiniMe’ Edition

PCLinuxOS is a Linux distribution originally based on Mandriva (Mandrake) and itââ¬â¢s distributed as a LiveCD. As it evolved, PCLinuxOS took advantage of tools, patches and bug fixes from other distributions as well, such as Gentoo, OpenSuse, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. It has the Control Center and install tool from Mandriva, the RPM package system from Fedora, the apt-get and Synaptic package managers from Debian/Ubuntu. I think itââ¬â¢s safe to say that PCLinuxOS is a combination of the best parts from popular distributions, making it sort of ââ¬Ëthe best of the bestââ¬â¢. Or at least thatââ¬â¢s what it tries to be.

Link: linuxlove.org


  • Linux
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