First Look: Tuxedo InfinityCube Linux Desktop PC With Intel Core-i7 8700


I’ve played with Linux on several of my own machines, but I recently unboxed my first custom-built Linux PC courtesy of Tuxedo Computers. It’s called the InfinityCube v9, and it’s left me very impressed. In fact I’ve been leaning on it more than the beefy AMD Ryzen 1950X rig I built because it’s silent and super stable. Tuxedo Computers just launched the InfinityCube on their web shop, so let’s take a quick look at this new desktop along with some initial benchmarks.

Small On Size, Big On Possibilities

The InfinityCube v9 has a small footprint (22 x 28 x 26 cm), making it ideal to several use-cases. I could see it being an awesome living room PC (with Steam Big Picture and Plex or Kodi), a Linux workstation or just a fantastic 1440p gaming rig. Despite its size, Tuxedo crammed in some powerful components.

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