February 13, 2006

First Look at VectorLinux SOHO 5.1.1 Deluxe

SilentBob4 writes "When you think of Linux, what distribution comes immediately to mind? The answer will most likely be different depending on whom you ask, and for different reasons. For me, it's Slackware Linux. The reason is that it's not only the oldest surviving Linux distribution on the planet, but it's also one of the best desktop distributions going... in my book at least. Many of you would suggest SUSE, Mandriva, Linspire, Fedora, or Xandros as a better desktop choice by design, and in all respect you would be absolutely correct... but not for me. Slackware is faster, more stable, and allows me to do what I want with it without obstruction. Sure, the other distros are cool, but Slackware has some serious mojo."

Link: MadPenguin.org


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