March 8, 2005

First online casinos ranking system Linux based

Anonymous Reader writes " Have Finished Developing the Online Casino Ranking System (Linux Powered) have finished devloping the Online Casino ranking system (Linux Powered) "The demo website is up and running and the servers work around the clock to utilize Statistics, Payouts, Reports and news regarding All the large available Online Casinos" mentioned John Glenn, Manager of the Casino Games Ranking system, "While exploring our site the user should easily find the shortest way to gamble online and win at your best chances all thanks to the power of the Linux" commented Glenn.

The new system is Linux based and available to purchase for heavy gamblers, the demo site takes the largest casinos and rank them for the online gamblers.

Ranking are being processed using the system (Peanut Linux running Apache and MySQL as data and GUI and C++ code) 24H a day taking in mind Grade, Payouts, Information and highest Bonuses available.

"We wish our users will enjoy the demo and will take advantage of this system to understand where is the best place to put the bets on." commented Glenn "We are always searching for new directions for the best of the gambler experience"

Demo Website: Casinos Online
Mpthrill Website: Mpthrill"


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