December 20, 2005

Fish: the friendly interactive shell

This is an in-depth look at fish, the friendly interactive shell. Fish is a GPLed commandline shell, written for Linux and other Posix-like systems. I felt there was a need for this article after all the attention that has been given to Monad, Microsoft's upcoming shell. Unlike Monad, fish is not a new way to look at the shell concept. Fish is based on the same ideas as other Unix shells like bash and zsh, but contains many user interface improvements and makes shellscript into a proper programming language. Fish is a very cool shell full of exciting new ideas, fixes for a lot of old problems, and a well-thought-out design. You can trust me on this, since not only am I well known for my objectivity and love for the truth, I am also the main author of fish.

Link: Ars Technica

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