February 28, 2005

FlashPoint - USB Memory Pen "Share Drive"

Drew Stoiberg writes "Finally, A USB Flash Drive with a Brain! Over the last few years, USB technology has given us the ability to have a common interface standard for use with multiple USB equipped peripheral products. This common standard for these products has made our technologically daily life just a little easier to manage. We at Xmultiple have introduced a new product that will compliment this ease of USB portability, the FlashPoint ShareDrive.

Xmultiple has developed the revolutionary, new and patent pending technology called FlashPoint. FlashPoint provides users the freedom to transfer files between flash drives, "Sharing-On-The-Go" (SOTG), without the need of a notebook computer or cumbersome USB Bridges.

SOTG technology is embedded into Xmutliple's ShareDrive line of USB flash memory pen drives and can easily download and upload data files between a ShareDrive pen drive and any other USB Memory pen drive or any other USB memory peripheral such as computers, cameras, cell phones and MP3 players. Bring your music with you from the home to your car, to the office, to the beach, you name it. Just clip it on your key chain and âGoâ.

ShareDrives are small, lightweight devices about the size of a traditional pen drive, are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and are available in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB sizes. Features include:

· Easy one-step file transferring procedure

· Upload data from any computer or host device or any other pen drive

· Download data to other ShareDrives or any other pen drive

· Automatic USB battery pack power management

· Low battery power indicator

With Xmultiple's FlashPoint ShareDrives applications are only limited by the imagination. At last sharing electronic data has truly been set free of the bulky hardware. Now you can transfer data without the use of a computer or USB bridge:

· Share business files at lunch, while traveling or at meetings as simply as shaking hands!

· Swap MP3 music or photo files with friends at school or around town or at the office

· Exchange business cards or product sheets at trade shows electronically

· Make back-up recordings of other pen drive files or USB equipped peripherals.

New FlashPoint ShareDrive USB Memory pen drives are small enough to fit on a key chain for convenience and have enough capacity for maximum enjoyment. This new technology will play a big role in the ever-increasing portable digital formats for data files, digital photos and the growing MP3 segment of the music world.

Not just a USB Memory pen drive, but a USB Memory pen drive with intelligence.

ShareDrives and FlashPoint ShareDrivesâ¢

For more information on FlashPoint, please feel free to visit http://www.flashpointdrive.com or contact us at info@xmultiple.com

Drew Stoiberg

VP Sales
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Simi Valley, CA 93065 USA
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