December 29, 2000

The fleminge of wrecches; why Linux is successful

Author: JT Smith has this story: "The reality is that Linux is not for everyone.

Linux is not for people who want to be spoonfed, who do not show curiosity, who do not think beyond their noses. Linux is not for the whiners,
complainers, wanna-be computer geeks, or whimpy male boys who toss TLAs around at parties in hopes to impress the girls.

Guess what folks? Windows isn't for them either. These people really hate computers. They even hate people who like computers. They secretly
loathe you. Windows, Linux, BeOS, Apple OS, OS2, DOS -- it doesn't matter. These same people are going to complain.

Linux is successful. It can be used as a desktop OS, a server, a web server,a router, and many other things. Linux is the most dynamic OS that
keeps growing, changing, and improving every day.

So why all of the complaints from the honest people?"


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