Fluke Networks EtherScope using MonteVista Linux

skippy writes “Yesterday I attended a Fluke Networks presentation introducing their new EtherScope Network Assistant. The portable Gigabit LAN analyzer sports a robust set of tools to discover, examine, monitor, and troubleshoot a single broadcast domain of up to a thousand devices. In addition to cable tests (continuity, DC voltage and signal levels), it offers per-port switch details, packet capture, utilization reports, and remote operation through goahead web server.

It’s running MonteVista‘s Hard Hat embedded Linux, kernel 2.4.18, with Qt embedded. Shell access is provided from a menu, as is a Konqueror web browser. The EtherScope has 256 megs of RAM, 32 megs ROM, PCMCIA and CompactFlash slots, USB port, and audio jacks.”

Link: flukenetworks.com


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