April 29, 2002

Fluxbox, the slickest window manager you've never heard of

Pink Salmon writes "In the land of Linux user interfaces, nestled snuggly between the elegant kernel code and your keyboard & mouse, two powerhouses dominate the desktop. These advanced graphical interfaces are the K Desktop Environment, known simply as KDE by its fans and foes, and GNOME, which is an acronym for (I'm not making this up) GNU Network Object Model Environment. Chances are that you've probably heard of several other projects of this type that facilitate the manipulation of user programs and files, and they're probably window managers, which are much lighter and not as full-featured as desktop environments such as the aforementioned KDE and GNOME. However, I'm willing to wager that less than five percent of you reading this article have ever heard of the slick, rapidly-developed Fluxbox window manager...

Read the rest at monolinux."


  • Open Source
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