Focus on Arduino YÚN: A Board for All, That Makes Life Easier



This post introduces in details one of the latest boards from the Arduino Team: a board that we still didn’t cover that much on the blog. YÚN’s DNA is that of the Arduino family lately open to new requirements and perspectives: Embedded Linux, Ethernet and WiFi with a board that is easy to use and just ready out of the box.

Once we put our hands on the Arduino Yun months ago, we could not resist the temptation to test it immediately to verify the innovative features. In the official presentation releases YÚN was announced as a product which that incorporates the features of a standard Arduino Leonardo, a section with additional hardware, with a separate processor can accommodate a full GNU / Linux release (OpenWRT) that is specifically intended for internet connectivity (OpenWRT is the open source distribution mostly used in routers and WiFi access point).


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