January 30, 2015

Forbes Report Rounds Up Top Cloud Companies to Work For

If you're looking for work at a company focused on cloud computing, there are a lot of opportunties at firms with proprietary or open cloud platforms. Every year, Computer Reseller News does a roundup of the best cloud computing companies, and recently delivered The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2015. Meanwhile, Glassdor, a job and employment-focused website, does very thorough rankings of such companies, including evaluations of what the actual employees at the firms have to say.

Working with both the CRN rankings and the Glassdoor rankings, Forbes has compiled a list of not only the best cloud companies to work for, but the best CEOs at these companies. The full results are here, and you can get some of the findings in this post.

Here's a snapshot of the absolute top companies according to the Forbes roundup:



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