April 14, 2007

Foresight Linux 1.2 released

Thilo Pfennig writes "One month after the release 1.1 Foresight Linux releases version 1.2. The distribution releases in parallel with the GNOME release cycle.

Foresight Linux, which has been increasingly improving its user base, is based upon the Conary package manager from the company rPath. Foresight Linux's second release to be bundled with GNOME 2.18.x comes before any other Linux distribution has released a first stable GNOME 2.18.0 release.

Foresight Linux 1.2 comes with the Linux Kernel, more integrated wireless drivers, support for Japanese (fonts and keyboard layout) and fixes for some USB cameras and scanners. The default browser Epiphany now includes new extensions such as Greasemonkey, Tab States & Push Scroll. Also, a new GNOME Display Manager theme was chosen.

With Foresight it is possible to update to latest version with the help of Conary, making upgrades hassle-free.

More details can be found in the Release Notes.

The two Cd's or one DVD are available for the x86 platform and can be downloaded from the rPath project page via BitTorrent or via FTP. There is also a net install image available."

Link: foresightlinux.com

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