November 9, 2005

Formation of KDE Marketing Working Group

Anonymous Reader writes "The KDE Marketing Working Group has formed, after being proposed by the KDE community at aKademy 2005, with the aim of improving KDE's marketing and promotion efforts. Martijn Klingens, Sebastian Kügler and Wade Olson will be taking the lead in coordinating and implementing new practices, such as promoting releases more widely and running more exciting events booths. An initial charter has been created and approved by KDE e.V with the long-term goal of "coherent and strategic messaging around KDE". The group is currently focused on establishing infrastructure and prioritizing tasks.

The Marketing Working Group plans to be an extension of the various existing community processes in place, such as the Dot Editors, the kde-promo mailing list and media outlets. The Working Group is not a replacement for any of the existing systems, but rather fills the missing gap of coordination by providing a single entry point for anyone who has marketing and promotion questions and ideas. A participative approach is planned for this Working Group; the goal is to support KDE developers and contributors who request assistance or advice on marketing needs. Promoting, planning, branding and researching competitive products are just some of the services to be offered by the Marketing Working Group.

Those that are interested in participating in KDE's maturing marketing process, have general questions, or would like help with their project are encouraged to contact the Marketing Working group through the kde-promo mailing list or the #kde-promo IRC channel on"


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