March 30, 2006

Former Sun Exec Calls for Firm to Open-Source Java

Anonymous Reader writes "Former Sun exec Peter Yared (now CEO of ActiveGrid) has written an open letter to Sun President Jonathan Schwartz, asking, "Why is it good to open source OpenSolaris and OpenOffice and bad to open source Java?"

In the letter (on his personal blog), Yared went on to say:

"We all know the standard Sun answer that Java will get fractured and that the JCP is great. However, OpenSolaris and OpenOffice have not been fractured since being open sourced. And most of the Java innovation nowadays comes from open source projects like Spring and Hibernate, not the JCP, which then has to recreate all of these open source projects. Some of the biggest supports of Java, including IBM and BEA and others in the JCP executive committee, have long asked for Java to be open sourced."

According to the eWeek story Sun declined to comment."



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