January 7, 2004

Forum - Effective Security using Open Source Tools

Lawren Markle writes "Please join Open Source Software Chicago, a free monthly user forum for IT professionals as we bring you "Effective Security using Open Source Tools" on Jan.22nd, 2004 at 7:00pm

This presentation will provide an introduction to effective Open Source tools used for security. Some of the more obvious tools covered will be: ipchains/iptables, nmap, ethereal and tcpdump. Some of the not-so-obvious tools we will review are kismet, Wellenreiter, snort, and shadow.

Presenter: Bob Radvanovsky

Location: 200 Fairway Drive, Ste 204, Vernon Hills IL 60061 (look for the OSS Banner)

For more information, OssInfo@OSSChicago.com"

Link: OSSChicago.com

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