July 8, 2005

FOSS Guide to Localization Published

Khairil Yusof writes "UNDP-APDIP's International Open Source Network has produced a guide on
Free/Open Source Software Localization.

Download the guide: FOSS Guide to Localization (pdf format - 10.8MB)
http://www.iosn.net/l10n/l10n-howto-toolkit/guide. pdf

July 8th 2005

Free/Open Source Software, Guide to Localization assists people in
localizing FOSS applications. It covers all the steps involved in
the localization process starting from fundamental topics like Locale,
Character Encoding and Fonts (including Font Creation) to advanced
topics such as Input Methods and Gettext Framework to Translation
Guidelines. The guide also takes some FOSS applications like KDE, GNOME,
OpenOffice and Mozilla(Firefox) as case-studies. In addition, the guide
includes a list of tools useful for the various tasks in localisation.

This guide is a production of the International Open Source Network
(IOSN) an initiative of UNDP's Asia-Pacific Development Information
Programme (APDIP), in collaboration with the Centre for the Development
of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Mumbai, India and supported by the
International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canada.

The primer is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)


Sunil Abraham and Khairil Yusof
Tel: (66-2) 288-1234

About UNDP-APDIP International Open Source Network

The International Open Source Network (IOSN - http://www.iosn.net) is a
Centre of Excellence for Free/Open Source Software in the Asia-Pacific
Region. IOSN is an initiative of the Asia-Pacific Information
Development Programme (APDIP - http://www.apdip.net), which has been
supporting the strategic and effective use of Information Communication
Technology (ICT) for poverty alleviation and sustainable human
development in the Asia-Pacific region since 1997. Via a small
secretariat, the IOSN is tasked specifically to facilitate and network
Free/Open Source Software advocates and human resources in the region.

About Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a Scientific
Society of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,
Government of India, is primarily an R&D institution involved in the
design, development and deployment of advanced Information Technology
(IT) based solutions. The Mumbai centre of C-DAC has been an active
player in the area of Open Source Software and Localisation. For more
information please see http://www.ncst.ernet.in and http://www.cdac.in

About the International Development Research Center (IDRC)

The IDRC is a Canadian public corporation that works in close
collaboration with researchers from the developing world in their search
for the means to build healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous
societies. For more information please see http://www.idrc.ca."

Link: iosn.net


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