Fossil PalmOS Wrist PDA no longer vaporware

Anonymous Reader writes “Fossil, no longer relishing the title Duke
Nukem Forever
of wrist computers, is now taking orders and
seemingly even shipping the FX2008
Wrist PDA
on their website.
(Not to diminish their popular Wrist
Net Smart Watches
but computers on your wrist should be

Powered by a 66Mhz Dragonball with a 160×160 screen resolution, 8MB of
memory, a diminutive stylus and PalmOS 4.1, many existing Palm
applications are likely to run natively albeit at processor speeds
reminiscent of its original 2002 announcement. Performance is likely
comparable to a Sony

Ruputer/OnHandPC owners
finally have a viable upgrade path for their wrist. In even more
amazing news, not only can you still buy a OnHandPC, but new software is in the
(The OnHandPC guys are among the shocked at Fossil’s

Users of either platform will take comfort in the fact that both
Ruputer and Fossil platforms have 3-finger salute equivalents for those
inevitable grey screens.

Read a review from an actual owner here
and about its appearance at CES
spotting here.”