February 10, 2015

A Foundation for Node.js: Will That Bring Back the Fork?

In a bid to quell an uprising within the Node.js ranks, vendor sponsor Joyent has announced an independent foundation to provide an open governance structure for the project.

Though big players including IBM, PayPal and Microsoft will be involved, CEO Scott Hammond said the foundation will help ensure all voices are heard.

“It’s important to me that we set this up to be the big-tent party, that we include voices from all parts of the community, that it truly is community-driven, so that it’s not just a handful of large organizations dictating how the project will roll out and evolve,” said Hammond, who has been CEO only since June. “We need individuals coming in feeling like they can contribute in a neutral place.”

Representatives of Strongloop, Netflix, PayPal, Walmart and Yahoo were among the members of an advisory board set up four months ago to ward off a forking in the popular server-side JavaScript platform. Members of that fork, called Io.js, were unhappy with Node’s slow release cycle and the need to bring more contributors into the project. They complained that the project had three leaders in three years and went as long as 18 months between releases.

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