September 7, 2001

Four 1GHz Pentium 3 servers in only 1U of rack space

Author: JT Smith

Fnord Systems is now selling the
Fnord 90, a new rackmount server that shoehorns four independent 1GHz Pentium
3 servers into only 1U of rack space. Fully loaded (P3-1GHz/512MB/100GB) each
node costs $1,344.

BELLINGHAM, Wash., September 6th 2001

Fnord Datacenter Systems (
proudly announces the Fnord 90, a breakthrough in high density rackmount server
design. For the first time ever, four independent 1GHz Pentium 3 servers can
fit in only 1U of rack space. Each Fnord 90 contains two seperate 1GHz servers
in a single 1U, 15.75 inch deep chassis. Two shallow-depth Fnord 90s can be
mounted back-to-back in standard 36" depth colocation cabinets, racking
four 1GHz servers in 1U.

Each server has its own 866MHz or 1GHz Pentium 3 processor, 256 or 512MB of
RAM, and 40 to 100GB of 7,200rpm ATA/100 IDE storage. Three Intel Pro/100+ Ethernet
interfaces are standard on every server, facilitating interlinked clustering
without need for a switch.

The unique single-sided connector design places all data and power connections
on the front faceplate of the server, greatly simplifying cable management.
One hundred sixty-eight (168) servers can be mounted in a single 42U cabinet,
making the Fnord 90 perfect for Beowulf clusters, web hosting farms, mathematical
simulation, rendering, and other node-distributed processor intensive tasks.

The most compelling feature of the Fnord 90 is its price, less than half that
of expensive "blade" style high density servers. In a P3-866MHz/256MB/40gb
configuration, it costs $1,070 per server, while fully loaded P3-1GHz/512MB/100GB
servers are only $1,344.

Fnord Systems specializes in servers designed for Open Source software, and
offers every server with the customer's choice of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,
or various distributions of Linux. The Fnord 90 also has
full device driver support in Windows NT 4 and 2000.

One of Washington State's leading datacenter infrastructure firms, Fnord offers
a full product line ranging from $1,000 1U Firewalls to massively powerful quad-processor

For more information, please contact:

Eric Kuhnke
Lead Engineer / Operations Manager
Phone: (360) 527-3301

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