March 22, 2017

The Four Values of a DevOps Transformation

A successful devops transformation sees a change in organisational culture. These changes often come in the way of adoption of specific tools or practices. However, to change culture, you need something more fundamental than just the introduction of new tools, or pushing everyone into Scrum teams.

Just like the agile transformations of the past, there was a difference between ‘Doing Agile’, and ‘Being Agile’. ‘We do standups’ - therefore we are Agile. Are we ‘Doing devops’ or are we ‘Being devops’? Agile cultures have evolved to a deeper understanding that it’s not about the team structure, or even the ceremonies, but it is about the values that they hold.

So if we are to be successful with a devops transformation, what are the values we should be aiming to foster, and why are these important in the first place?

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