Fourth beta of NewPKI 2.0

Anonymous Reader writes “The fourth beta of NewPKI 2.0 is now available.
The full ChangeLog is available on NewPKI’s site.
The main changes are:
– Added the Publication Entity.
– Added the OCSP responder, inside the publication entity.
– Created a LDAP publication module.
– Added auto synchronization between LDAP entries and RA profiles.
– Added the possibility to send the PKCS#12 password to the end user.
– Added the possibility to make the RA randomly generate the PKCS#12 password.
– Introduced the concept of firewalled Repository, meaning that the normal synchronization
behavior is modified, normally each repository would connect to each other to send
each other the new PKI Conf and the new Objects. eg. We have RepositoryLAN in the LAN and
RepositoryDMZ in the DMZ, RepositoryDMZ cannot connect to RepositoryLAN due to the LAN firewall,
so we declare RepositoryLAN has being firewalled in regard of RepositoryDMZ, which will allow
RepositoryLAN to gets the new Objects of RepositoryDMZ, exactly as if RepositoryDMZ did the
synchronization connection itself.
– Added multilanguage support in GUIs.
– It’s now possible to send an attachement along with an administrative mail.

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