August 7, 2006

Fourth International Conference on GPLv3

Rakesh 'arky' Ambati writes "India will host the Fourth International GPLv3 Conference in Bangalore, this August 23-24, 2006. A part of the world-wide drive to create awareness about the upcoming version three of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3), the two-day conference is expected to draw delegates from across the communities - legal, bureaucrat and academia. While the first day will see Richard M Stallman and Eben Moglen, the original architects of the GPLv3 license, communicating latest updates on the GPLv3 final draft, the second day holds panel discussions on localisation, awareness and adoption of GPLv3 and threat of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).

The event to be held at the Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore
is a sequence to the Third International GPLv3 Conference that took place
in Barcelona, Spain. Similar events have already been held in the USA and
Brazil. The international GPLv3 conferences are part of a year-long public
consultation process to update the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The version 3 of the GPL, essentially, takes into account changes in terms
of legal and technical environment, in which software licenses operate, and
the need to increase protection against new threats such as software
patents and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). The worldwide awareness
drive for GPLv3, is to ensure that, all users of software distributed under
its terms, have the freedom to examine, share, and modify that software.

For registration kindly visit GPLv3 conference website"


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