February 19, 2002

'Free consultancy' as in 'free beer'

Author: JT Smith

Openweb Analysts Ltd is now offering free
consultancy to London based firms considering Open Source solutions for
web development. They can find out more from www.OWAL.co.uk/.

Companies and government bodies who are thinking of using free software
can now contact an expert for advice. They should email
advice@OWAL.co.uk with an explanation of their business and their
interest in open source. They will receive a response examining
potential open source solutions for their business. Those companies most
able to benefit will be offered a free face to face meeting to discuss
it further.

Alex McLintock, Managing Director of Openweb Analysts Ltd, says "Open
Source developers put time and effort in writing software for free use.
The main reason why it isn't more widely used is the lack of Open Source
expertise. We aim to provide that."

Openweb Analysts Ltd is putting out a call to other open source
developers to register with them and offer their expertise in the same

About the Company: Openweb Analysts Ltd, (www.OWAL.co.uk/) is
software consultancy which develops internet services for companies in
London. It specialises in using Java and perl components to build
complex websites.

About the Headline: Open Source Software is commonly described as "free"
in the sense of "free speech" because anyone is allowed to add to it and
make any improvements they wish but sometimes also free in the sense of
"free beer."

Alex McLintock
88 Poppleton Road, London E11 1LT.
Email: alex@OWAL.co.uk
Fax: 0709 211 8813 Tel: 020 8926 4753.
Website: http://www.OWAL.co.uk/

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