November 9, 2005

Free J2ME Visual IDE based on eclipse

Anonymous Reader writes "Wirelexsoft announces two editions of its Eclipse-based VistaMax IDE for J2ME: a Professional Edition and a free Community Edition.

Toronto, Canada, November 6, 2005 – Wirelexsoft, pioneers in powerful Visual Driven Development (VDD ©) tools for mobile platforms, today announced the release and pricing of VistaMax IDE 1.2 for J2ME MIDP 2.0 platforms. Two editions are offered: a Professional Edition and a “free” Community Edition.

VistaMax IDE is a complete end-to-end graphical-based Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. It is the next generation of development tools with such novel features as application design by "drag & drop" from a palette, an extensive palette rich with GUI and non-GUI components, Links to associate events with transitions between application components, full graphical representations of all application components, Localization with an advanced "Preview" feature, MMI simulation capabilities and many more.

The Community Edition can be downloaded from ( It is free, yet so powerful in its features and capabilities compared to what’s available in the market for the J2ME platform. The Professional Edition provides in addition more features and capabilities, such as Internationalisation, to the global developer – please contact for more details.
VDD © is a graphical-based development environment. Visual, non-visual, and middleware platform components are manipulated in a graphical environment to design applications on the basis of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), without having to write textual code. The developer does not have to remember or have to search the platform documentation for these components. They are provided graphically in a palette, where the developer can select, drag & drop and edit their properties.
VistaMax Framework and VistaMax IDE, both built on Eclipse, are our first products based on VDD. VistaMax Framework is Platform & Language independent and is easily customizable to support new platforms. Once a platform is supported, application development on that platform will be faster, reducing the cost of development and time to market.
Many platforms on the market don't have access to VDD-based tools and application developers are adopting the traditional design and coding using standard text editors. Wirelexsoft can partner with you to provide VDD- based IDE to your platforms.

About Wirelexsoft Inc.
Wirelexsoft is a Canadian registered company, founded in 2002 for R&D in software for the wireless communications industry. Wirelexsoft has its main office in Ontario, Canada. Business Development Offices are being set-up in Europe (UK), and in Asia.
Wirelexsoft founders and members come from different IT backgrounds, ranging from wireless communications platforms to Database and Enterprise level software. With many years of management experience and significant contributions in research and development, they established Wirelexsoft to set a trend in Software Development."


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