November 10, 2000

Free KDE 2.0 development book

Author: JT Smith

KDE 2.0 Development a new book being published by MacMillan/SAMS under the
Open Publication License is now available online, in full, for free.
The site also holds all of the source code from the examples in the book,
downloadable HTML and PDF versions, an annotated online-only abridged KDE API
reference (Appendix B), and an annotated version of the KDE Developer's HOWTO.

The host site is part of Andamooka which runs web software that lets visitors
annotate and discuss each section of the book and view the annotation along
with the original text. This site will serve as an "open support" system for
readers of the book.

The book is written for C++ programmers with or without previous KDE coding
experience. It covers introductory KDE/Qt programming, KDE UI design,
KParts, DCOP, aRts, XML GUI, KDevelop, licensing issues, CVS, code and
end-user documentation, and more.

Many chapters are written by contributing authors who have helped design
and/or implement the systems about which they wrote. These authors are: Kurt
Granroth (also technical editor), Cristian Tibirna, David Faure, Espen Sand,
Stefan Westerfeld, Ralf Nolden, Daniel Marjamaki, and Charles Bar-Joseph, and
a forward was written by Matthias Ettrich.

Since the book is released under the Open Publication License, it may be
modified and redistributed online, which means that the book can be
maintained (fixed, updated, expanded etc.) in the style of a free software
project. In this spirit, volunteer translation of the book into five other
languages has already begun. I welcome any other feedback or contributions
to the maintainance and development of the book. Everything that is
incorporated into official versions of the book will be released under the
Open Publication License electronically and for free.
-David Sweet


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