October 11, 2006

Free Linux Course for Beginners

Stefan Waidele writes "LinuxBasics.org, The community that helps people to run Linux, offers their second free Linux class, An Introduction to Linux Basics.

This course is designed to give a foundation of understanding of Linux to a beginner who wants to know a little more about the system. More advanced Linux users will find an opportunity to dig deeper into some areas they always wanted to know more about or discover gaps in their knowledge that they didn’t know existed.

The study guide used will be LBook, an edited version of Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide by Machtelt Garrels which is distributed under the GNU FDL. You will need to join the LBo mailing list in order to participate in the course (http://linuxbasics.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/q na/).

The class is set to begin on October 19, 2006. You can also join after the October 19 starting date.

For more information, visit http://www.linuxbasics.org/course/start.

About LinuxBasics.org

LinuxBasic.org (short: LBo) is a community project with the goal to help people to install and run the Linux™ operating system. It was founded in May 2004 and is growing ever since.

LBo offers a free Linux Course for beginners, which runs about 6 months as well as tutorials and links to sites that offer information needed to install and use Linux. They also run a friendly mailing-list for Questions that arise when people start using Linux. An IRC-channel completes the list of things you can find at LinuxBasics.org.

As a community, LBo offers the possibility to get involved. There are many ways to contribute: You can answer questions on the mailing-list, you can write a complete tutorial or just a step-by-step documentation on how you completed a specific task using linux."

Link: LinuxBasics.org

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