Free Linux Reference Design

Bruce Donadt writes “Arabella Software Announces Linux Support and a Free Linux Reference Design for Embedded Planet’s EP885 and EP8248 Boards

Northborough, Massachusetts — February 17, 2005 — NORTHBOROUGH, MA, February 17, 2005 – Arabella Software, a leading supplier of “Customized Linux Solutions” for embedded applications based on Freescale’s processors, today announced the availability of support for Embedded Planet’s EP8248 and EP885 single board computers. Full turnkey support for these boards has been integrated with the Arabella Linux commercial distribution and Free Linux Reference Design.

Arabella Linux provides the broadest protocol and peripheral support available in the market for the Freescale PowerQUICC family of processors. Arabella Linux is based on the popular Debian Linux distribution. Arabella adds to this its specific value-add in terms of hardware-software integration, device driver development and customization services to create the optimal embedded Linux solutions for its customers: what Arabella calls “Customized Linux Solutionsâ€. The Arabella Linux distribution includes a complete development environment and is customized to extract the most functionality and performance from the PowerQUICC processors.

Support for the Embedded Planet EP8248 and EP885 boards comes integrated into both the Arabella Linux commercial distribution as well as the Arabella Free Linux Reference Design. The Free Linux Reference Design provides everything that is needed to immediately download, run and begin working with a Linux application that is optimized to run on the Embedded Planet boards, including the U-Boot boot loader, a fully functional Linux system and host development tools. The Free Linux Reference Design is made available on a CD from Arabella Software and is provided at request to qualified companies.

The EP8248 and EP885 boards are based on the latest PowerQUICC devices that include security engines. Arabella Software is the only commercial Linux provider that offers high performance Linux “Native IPsec†optimized to provide performance on par with high-end commercial IPsec packages at a fraction of the cost.

“We are very pleased to partner with Embedded Planet to provide our mutual customers with highly optimized Linux solutions that run on the EP8248 and EP885 boardsâ€, said Bruce Donadt, Vice President of Sales for Arabella. “Our customers can get started quickly with the Free Linux Reference Design and still have the opportunity to upgrade to Arabella Secure Linux , the commercially supported distribution that provides full support for the PowerQUICC’s on-board security core as well as USB host/device.â€

“The combination of Linux from Arabella with the Embedded Planet EP8248 and EP885 allow customers to quickly build their systems and release products quicklyâ€, said Matt Hoover, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Embedded Planet. “The EP8248 PCI Edge module allows users to develop Linux based IO modules quickly using Arabella software. The EP885 module provides direct access to the processor and includes 2 10/100 ports, 2 serial ports as well as USB. Finally, the combination of IPsec software in Arabella Linux with the processor based hardware encryption is a great performance enhancement.

Arabella Software

Arabella Software specializes in providing “Customized Linux Solutions” for Freescale processor based embedded applications. We offer a Customized Linux distribution for Freescale processors as well as our own proprietary add-ons. The combination of these components creates a truly unique and highly optimized solution. Additionally, Arabella offers expert customization and support services through its team of top engineers, each boasting over 10 years of experience in working with integrated processors, communications applications and open source environments. The company sells direct in the United States and Israel and through a network of distributors in Europe and the Far East. U.S. headquarters is located at 300B West Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532, Tel 508-393-4144, Fax 508-709-4537,

Embedded Planet

Embedded Planet was founded in 1997 and has pioneered the Design, Develop and Deploy process in OEM systems development of connected devices. The company provides small form factor, low cost computing solutions for the Freescale PowerQUICC family. Each module includes Embedded Planet’s PlanetCore, which provides firmware and utilities for burning flash, booting the target operating system, setup, diagnostics and utilities of the hardware. Embedded Planet also provides system design and system integration, including intellectual property, component solutions and development of turnkey products. We are currently developing solutions for additional architectures including Motorola PowerQUICC III 8555. For more information, please see, email, or call 216-245-4180.