July 29, 2008

Free Linux Wireless Driver from Atheros

Atheros Communications, a pioneer in wireless network solutions, is pleased to announce the free availability of the ath9k Linux driver for IEEE 802.11n wireless devices. The ath9k driver will be soon included in the Linux kernel. "The ath9k driver comes shortly after Atheros hired two key Linux wireless developers - Luis Rodriguez and Jouni Malinen. [..] We have been informed Atheros does plan to add access point support to ath9k and to work with the community to enhance and complete access point support in the Linux kernel. It is understood there is plenty of work required on the wireless stack to complete full access point support. Jouni Malinen will help drive this process within the community while Luis helps enhance regulatory compliance in the Linux kernel." - the MadWifi team.

Link: news.softpedia.com


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