Free Software Foundation Europe finishes founding process


Author: JT Smith

(Hamburg) The founding process of the Free Software Foundation Europe,
sister organization of the FSF, the world’s oldest and most prominent
Free Software organization, was finished yesterday. With a visit at
the notary in Hamburg, Germany, Georg C. F. Greve, coordinator and
President of the Free Software Foundation Europe, completed the final
step on Tuesday, April 24th.

"The FSF Europe has officially begun activities on March 10th, 2001,
but finishing the necessary formal steps for the founding took a
little longer because the core team is spread over four European
countries.", says Georg C. F. Greve. "The major hurdle to overcome has
been to create a legal structure that would allow us to be present in
every country despite the lack of harmonized laws for Europe-wide

The Free Software Foundation Europe is structured like a wheel with a
hub in Germany and local organizations in the European countries.
Founding the "FSF Europe - Chapter Germany" has been finished along
with the central organization. The French chapter is to be finished
very soon.

About the FSF Europe:

The Free Software Foundation Europe is the sister organization of the
Free Software Foundation created 1984 by Richard M. Stallman in the
United States of America. 

Main purpose of the FSF Europe is to coordinate Free Software
initiatives throughout Europe, to provide a Free Software
competence-center for politicians and journalists and to provide
infrastructure for Free Software projects and especially the GNU

Further information about the FSF Europe can be found at

   Georg C. F. Greve 
   Tel: +49-40-23809080
   Fax: +49-40-23809081
   Frederic Couchet  
   Tel: +33-660-688931
   Bernhard Reiter 
   Tel: +49-541-33508-33
   Alessandro Rubini 
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   Fax: +39-0382-529.424 
   Jonas Öberg 
   Tel: +46-21-144831

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