December 18, 2001

Free software funding proposal

Author: JT Smith

proclus writes: "I
submitted this suggestion to Pat McGovern of SourceForge. He is a really busy guy, so don't hold your breath, but I think that there are some ideas here that are worth discussing.
Here's the text.

Have you considered starting a service like

, so
that free software developers could be compensated by
users who are unable to contribute to the code base?


recently recieved it's first contributions, and


recieved it's first user contribution via
PayPal in the last few days.

I think that it would be appropriate for the
SourceForge to recoup some operational money from such
transactions. There are other efforts to help
free software projects with funding, such as

Free Developers

and others.
Perhaps these efforts could be merged or conjoined for
maximum impact. For those who would not contribute
money, perhaps they would buy their favorite project a
gift from

(Merry Christmas!).

This effort would be particularly helpful to smaller
projects, which are often clumsy in their first
attempts to deal with user contributions. I think that
much good will and good press would be the result of
this maneuver, and it would also benefit free software
developers, who bring so many benefits to others.


P.S. At this time, the

proclus realm PayPal

is handling donations to The
GNU-Darwin Distribution.
To donate to the PyMOL project, visit their webpage."


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