Free Software leaders respond to Microsoft, Mundie


Author: JT Smith

The response is posted at Bruce Perens’ site and is signed by nine other community leaders, including Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond. “We note a new triumph for Open Source and Free Software: we have become so serious a competitor to Microsoft that their executives publicly
announce their fear. However, the only threat that we present to Microsoft is the end of monopoly practices. Microsoft is welcome to participate
as an equal partner, a role held today by entities ranging from individuals to transnational corporations like IBM and HP. Equality, however, isn’t
what Microsoft is looking for. Thus, they have announced Shared Source, a system that could be summarized as Look but don’t touch – and we
control everything
.” The ending is nice: “Free Software is a great way to build a common foundation of software that encourages innovation and fair competition. Microsoft, it’s time for
you to join us.”


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