July 11, 2003

'Free Software Licensing and the GNU GPL' Seminar

On August 8, 2003 the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is conducting a
one day seminar on the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) at
Stanford University in Stanford California (USA).

The seminar, titled
"Free Software Licensing and the GNU GPL", will be co-led by Daniel
Ravicher, of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP and Bradley M. Kuhn,
Executive Director of FSF. This program is designed to offer lawyers
and businesspeople, working in software licensing, a complete
introduction to the legal issues surrounding the development and
distribution of free software, such as the GNU operating system, the
Linux operating system kernel, etc.

In the morning session Mr. Kuhn will providing a general overview and
the motivations behind the GNU GPL. During the afternoon Mr. Ravicher
will focus on the detailed legal implications of the license.
The seminar is being co-sponsored by the Center for Internet and
Society at Stanford University and CIS Executive Director and Stanford
Law professor Larry Lessig will speak during the lunch.

For more information, please visit
http://patron.fsf.org/course-offering.html or contact Ravi Khanna,
Director of Communication for the Free Software Foundation, at
ravi@fsf.org or by phone at +1-617-620-9640.

Link: fsf.org

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