May 26, 2005

Free Software Model in other Areas of Economy

The FOSS model has brought several benefits to developers and users: Why could not the same happen in other economic areas? That model could, for instance, help avoid monopolies and vendor lock-in, promote fair competition, enhance technological progress, provide more business opportunities and choices to consumers. We examine, first, the private ownership of the means of production, and some consequences to society, relating them with copyright and patent issues. The software area is examined, and successful features of the FOSS model are identified; the main differences between knowledge and material productions are analyzed. We identify knowledge of production as what could be shared by a community of organizations, and examine conditions that could turn open organizations capable to self sustainability in an economic sector. A kind of GPL-like license is proposed to be one of them. At last, we analyze its viability, discussing some open issues, and showing its possible (good) effects to society.



  • Free Software
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