December 29, 2001

Free Software for your new Christmas computer

Author: JT Smith

MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: "There is lots of very good free and open source software. There is some pretty bad free stuff too. If you chose wisely among the available free and open source software, you can acquire a nice collection of good software without spending a single buck. Some free or open source software is very similar to popular or well-known commercial software. For example, AbiWord (a Microsoft Word look-alike) and GIMP (similar to Adobe PhotoShop) are nice, free alternatives to the more expensive commercial software they emulate. To get started with free software, take a look at AbiWord, Composer, GIMP, and StarOffice. These all are cross-platform (XP) programs. So, they will run on both the Linux and ... Windows platforms." Check this story for details.


  • Open Source
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