March 12, 2001

Free Standards Group releases LDPS 1.1

Author: JT Smith

Scott McNeil of the Free Standards Group tells us: "Today the Free Standards Group is announcing the release of the LDPS 1.1."
In a nutshell the LDPS 1.1 allows for the greatest portability of
application development across the largest number of popular Linux

Other events happening at the Free Standards Group include:

* The Linux Standards Base,, is now moving forward
  at a good pace. With engineering support from the open source
  development community along with IBM, Intel, Oracle, Red Hat,
  Caldera, SuSE, and others, version 0.6 was released last week
  and are looking forward to a complete version 1.0 this year.

* Though our internationalization standards effort, Li18nux,, we are about to launch a certification
  program with Red Hat 7.0 as our pilot distribution. This will
  be followed by all the major and several regional distributions
  which have already signed up to be certified.

* By unanimous vote George Kraft of IBM has been elected LSB Technical
  Committee Chair. George is a software engineer who has been working
  with Linux since 1993 and on the LSB since 1999. George is one of
  the unsung champions of open source within IBM.

* I'm still the "unofficial" Executive Director of the Free Standards
  Group... ;)

Thanks for your support.

Scott McNeil
Free Standards Group
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