June 9, 2004

Free Symbiont Workstation Manager Offered

Anonymous Reader writes "Symbio Technologies Offers Free Symbiont Workstation Manager Software

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (June 8, 2004)Symbio Technologies has announced that it is offering a component from its application-rich Symbiont Management Suite for free download and use. Called The Symbiont Workstation Manager, the program, a Linux-based thin client management tool, may be downloaded from the company's e-commerce site at http://www.TheSymbiont.com The Symbiont Workstation Manager allows network administrators to connect diskless thin clients to a Linux server and to configure and control them.

Symbio Technologies has contributed the component to the Open Source community by placing it on SourceForge.net, the world's largest Open Source software development Web site. The Symbiont Workstation Manager offers the look and feel of the full version of the management suite, and its placement on SourceForge.net encourages the Open Source community to collaborate on and contribute to its enhancement.

With this new software, schools, libraries, Internet cafes, and businesses can rejuvenate outdated PCs, bringing them back to life as diskless thin clients, said Roger Del Russo, Symbio Technologies' co-founder and COO. All they have to do is remove the hard drives and connect the reborn PCs to a server loaded with The Symbiont Workstation Manager to have robust, new computers that run as fast as their server, he said. Its an easy and incredibly inexpensive way to build a diskless thin client network.

Making The Symbiont Workstation Manager available is our way of giving something back to the Open Source community, said Symbio Technologies' co-founder and CTO, Gideon Romm. Symbio Technologies is dedicated to making pervasive computing affordable, reliable, and secure. The Symbiont Workstation Manager is a big step in that direction.

While some previous thin client networks have been difficult to configure and administer, our solution has an easy-to-use, GUI interface and drop-down menus, he said. Once users sample our management suite through this Open Source program, we know theyll be convinced that Linux is a viable and valuable computer network solution.

About Symbio Technologies

Based in the New York City suburb of New Rochelle, Symbio Technologies develops and deploys Linux-based thin client products and services.

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