December 12, 2005

Free SyncML OXtender Uprgrade Through March

Sharon Smith writes "Open-Xchange Inc. Enhances Support for Mobile Devices with Free, Limited Time Upgrade Offer.

SyncML Technology Enables Smooth Interface With Most Mobile Devices; Major Swiss Hospital Chooses Open-Xchange Server for Latest Innovation

TARRYTOWN, NY, December 9, 2005 - Open-Xchange, Inc. today announced a significant extension -- releasing a SyncML OXtender free through March into the core product, Open-Xchange Server. Users of the popular open source collaboration server can now seamlessly connect and interface with most mobile devices.

SyncML is the open standard that drives data mobility by establishing a common language for communications between devices, applications and networks. The foundation of the SyncML open standard ensures a consistent set of data that is always available on any device or application, at any time. To participate in the SyncML OXtender technology preview, customers can go to
"As networking of devices continues to flourish, so does the demand for universal solutions for synchronization," said Frank Hoberg, CEO, Open-Xchange. "Until now, synchronization of data has been restricted to certain devices and applications. SyncML is becoming the cross-platform standard -- solving compatibility issues. Support for it in Open-Xchange Server means users do not have to spend a lot of time and money on the installation and configuration of all the different applications and devices now required for data synchronization."

Open-Xchange Server Empowers Mobile Healthcare Workers

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, a 7,000-employee university hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, chose Open-Xchange Server as their future collaboration platform largely because of its mobile capabilities. Today and in the near future, personal digital assistants (PDA) and smartphones - the fusion of telephone, calendar, address book, text receiver and sender - will help to organize the increasingly complex hospital routines in a smooth and efficient way.
"For hospital staff overall availability and 'reachability' is a must," said René Patthey, hospital CIO. In addition to the stability and performance of our 5000 workstations, the connectivity of an increasing number of users with mobile devices became important. The hospital staff already uses 560 Palm PDA's models M515, T2 and T3, following a strong growth trend.

"With Open-Xchange we enjoy a strong customer orientation of the provider and a close proximity to product development which is very unique," said Patthey. "An outstanding example was the development of PDA's and Smartphone's connectivity via the standardized SyncML interface. We were integrated in early development and test phases and were able to discuss our needs. Accordingly the results met our requirements in an unparalleled way. With Open-Xchange Server we were able to avoid additional and costly custom development that would have been necessary with alternative solutions."

About SyncML

The foundation of the SyncML open standard ensures a consistent set of data that is always available on any device or application, any time. Sponsored by Sony Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Symbian, Palm and others, the SyncML initiative accelerates the development and market success of SyncML technologies. SncML is part of the Open Mobile Alliance (
Availability and Pricing
The release of "SyncML OXtender" is scheduled for mid-December and will be available to all current and future customers of Open-Xchange Server 5 free through February 28, 2006. Beginning March 1, one year of Maintenance for the OXtender will be $495 for the first 25 Named Users, and $19.00 for each additional Named User.


Open-Xchange Server is one of the most active and fastest growing open source projects to date. Launched in August 2004, Open-Xchange Server now ranks #7 out of 334 groupware projects on web site, #4 in handhelds, and overall #278 out of 47,163 listed projects. The Open-Xchange community web site,, is visited by 130,000 unique visitors each month, the GPL version of Open-Xchange Server is downloaded more than 9,000 times each month. In the Open-Xchange forum, 3650 topics are being discussed by 1650 contributors. The Open-Xchange community has contributed 27 installation guides for Open-Xchange Server on Debian, SUSE, Red Hat, Slackware, Mandrake, FreeBSD and other operating systems and distributions.

About Open-Xchange Server

Open-Xchange Server 5, the commercial product launched in April 2005, is engineered for ease of installation, migration, administration, integration and use. It interoperates with virtually all web browsers and important proprietary and open source rich clients. Open-Xchange Server supports the two leading Enterprise Linux distributions, Red Hat and SUSE. Innovative connectors, OXtenders, enhance customer flexibility by using open standard APIs to integrate existing IT infrastructures, or even extend capabilities to such as fax, VoIP, or CRM solutions.

About Open-Xchange Inc.

Open-Xchange Inc. delivers reliable and scalable groupware, collaboration, and messaging solutions. Its flagship product, Open-Xchange Server, is the market-leading collaboration server that combines best-of-breed open source software with commercial software add-ons and connectors. Open-Xchange Server is among the Top 300 most popular and most active open source projects in the world today. Open-Xchange Inc. is based in Tarrytown, NY, with offices in Olpe and Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, please visit


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