October 18, 2001

Free Telephony developers to gather for Linux Kongress

Author: JT Smith

David Sugar writes, During this year's 8th annual Internation Linux Kongress, Held November
28th thru November 30th, at University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, a
special Telephony BOF and presentation about GNU Bayonne and the GNU
Telephony effort as a whole will be held. This BOF will be hosted by
David Sugar, the maintainer of GNU Bayonne and a founder of Open Source
Telecom, Inc. The BOF should also include those interested in Linux
kernel drivers for telephony devices. We hope particularly to have people
gather to talk about both LTAPI and and CAPI4Linux.

This is an open gathering for those attending Linux Kongress, and all
those interested in free telephony software are welcome. While we
will have some instructive information about GNU Bayonne specifically for
those that are so interested, we also wish to engage the community in a
direct discussion on the future of free telephony in general and to
present information on current and future projects that are part of
GNUCOMM, the GNU Telephony effort as a whole, as well as to cover those
issues in telephony that are specific to the Linux kernel itself.

Linux Kongress is historically a gathering of developers involved in Linux
Kernel issues. The Linux Kongress telephony BOF will be held on the
second day of Linux Kongress, November 29th. Further information can be
obtained by contacting the BOF host, David Sugar, by sending email to
sugar@gnu.org. Further information about Linux Kongress may be found at

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