June 9, 2006

Free version of SourceForge Enterprise Edition

Douglas Ribback writes "Hello everyone (SourceForge.net enthusiasts will dig this!). [NewsForge is related to SourceForge]

I'm pleased to announce the SourceForge Enterprise Edition (SFEE) Download. A free, 15 user full-featured downloadable version of SFEE. As in "free forver, no strings." The downloadable file is packaged together with Subversion and CVS in a VMware image that's easy to install and deploy.

As you may already know, SFEE is a corporate version of SourceForge.net that lets development teams work together more effectively on internal software projects. SFEE has been completely re-architected and redesigned from the ground-up for the enterprise, based on a J2EE 3-tier architecture. It includes an integrated toolset that lets you monitor project status, find out what your offsite developers are doing, access project information and documentation in a central repository, manage software changes efficiently, and search across your software projects.

You can check it out and download it at http://www.sourceforge.net/powerbar/sfee/ .

There's also a community support site (http://sourceforge-enterprise.com/ ) with documentation, discussion forums, add-ons, and sample projects.

The SourceForge Enterprise Edition Team"

Link: sourceforge.net

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