January 13, 2004

FreeBSD 5.2 released

Frank Neugebauer writes "FreeBSD 5.2 contains a number of significant stability and performance improvements
over FreeBSD 5.1. However, it is still considered a 'New Technology' release
and might not be suitable for all users. Users with more conservative needs
may prefer to continue using FreeBSD 4.X.

The features are:

  • Full Tier-1 support for single and multiprocessor AMD Athlon64 and Opteron
  • Dynamically linked root partition for a smaller installation footprint
    and better integration with the Name Service Switch subsystem.
  • New and improved driver support for IDE, SATA, and 802.11a/b/g devices,
    and significantly better integration with the ACPI power management subsystem.
  • Client support for the Network File System version 4 protocol.
  • Experimental first-stage support for multithreaded filtering and forwarding
    of IP traffic. This also provides the foundation for a fully multi-threaded
    network stack in the next release of FreeBSD.
  • In-box support for the latest Gnome 2.4 and KDE 3.1 desktops.

more information here.

Link: linux-tip.net


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