August 23, 2005

FreeBSD Unix class to be held in Sept. in Phoenix

PST writes "Puget Sound Technology, a provider of open source technical services,
is teaching FreeBSD system administration training, September 27
- 30, 2005, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The course will cover standard
Unix administration skills, such as cron, syslogging, inetd, user
and group administration, and basic network configurations.

Students will learn the basics of DNS, SMTP, Apache, and Postfix
and will setup their own DNS zones and Apache-based virtual websites.
The topics will also include FreeBSD installation, using the ports
collection for installing third-party software, updating FreeBSD,
custom kernel configurations, understanding the rc.d scripts,
periodic tasks, and packet filtering.

As a member of the BSD Certification Group, the instructor recently
assisted with the BSD System Administrator Job Task Analysis survey
and report
. This analysis will be used to help focus the topics
for this class. The class is taught by Jeremy C. Reed, a pkgsrc
developer, NetBSD and DragonFly committer, and FreeBSD Marketing
Team member.

The course details are at sd/.
Discounts are available for groups and early registration.

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology offers remote administration and consulting
services for a wide-variety of open source and Unix software. The
company, based out of Washington state, has taught over 55 workshops
and classes. Puget Sound Technology's website is at"

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