July 23, 2002

FreeFall Soft announces RivalBB

FreeFall Soft writes: "FreeFall Soft (http://www.freefallsoft.com) is pleased to announce RivalBB- a full-featured bulletin board script developed for Windows servers. As its name implies, RivalBB, is designed to compete with leading bulletin board software, which can sell for up to $200. However, RivalBB will be freely available under the GPL (General Public License). RivalBB is currently in the development stage and is expected for beta release by the end of October.

The most exciting feature of RivalBB will be its caching technology, which optimizes processor usage and therefore will provide extensive scalability. Developed with ASP 3.0, RivalBB will be compatible with all Windows servers. Calls to a database are kept to a minimum, which drastically increases performance. UBB (http://www.infopop.com) is one of the only popular bulletin board scripts that currently provides a similar feature. RivalBB will also include all of the popular features of its competitors, such as simplified HTML, "post icons", "emoticons", ranks, attachments, and more.

RivalBB will be released under the General Public License. This means that the software will be made available to the public at little or no cost. RivalBB's source code can be freely modified and distributed by anyone who wishes to do so. Anyone who wishes to donate their time to the development of RivalBB may contact FreeFall Soft through rivalbb@freefallsoft.com. For general inquiries about RivalBB, contact mailbag@freefallsoft.com.

Bulletin board software has become a popular alternative to usenet groups. Providing access through a web based environment, bulletin board software is more intuitive and therefore more accessible to a wider range of the online community. RivalBB hopes to improve upon earlier incarnations of bulletin board software such as UBB and vBulletin (http://www.vbulletin.com).

FreeFall Soft is a small group of developers specializing in both client side and web-based applications. FreeFall Soft has created a wide range of applications from game utilities to content management scripts. FreeFall Soft also provides custom applications for small businesses at a reasonable cost."

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