October 31, 2005

Freeform Framework 1.2.0.Beta Released

Guest writes "The main feature of this release is the complete rewrite of the I18N API. It now conceptualizes country, language, dialect, collation and time zone. All locale-specific data and formatting functionality are available thru methods of respective classes. Also the API allows creating instances of locale class for any combination of country and language that means even higher level of customization compared to other i18n APIs. The API utilizes service provider model that allows for any custom implementation to be built that can utilize OS-specific localization features, also it will provide compatibility with the upcoming Unicode extension planned in PHP6. The first I18N API provider, Free18N, has been released too. The fact that Freeform itself is a UTF-based framework now makes it even more suitable for development of i18n-enabled sites. Another major addition to the framework is the support of location rewriting. Since now you can force the framework to generate URLs in the produced responses that match rewriting rules of your web server. You can easily add support for location rewriting to the existing code as it won't require any code changes - you will just have to create a location rewriter class that will format URLs for responses and decode them into URL parameters upon requests and edit one configuration option. The html package now allows richer syntax for template variables in tag attributes which allows to use values of several variables in a single attribute and mixing them with static values."

Link: dev6.php5.nedlinux.com

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