July 19, 2001

Freescope 0.2.0

Author: JT Smith

Freescope, a clone of cscope, is a source code browser designed for Unix and Linux operating systems. Read on to for news of the latest additions and changes to version 0.2.0:

This version of the source code browser application includes major new 
features such as 
new queries and new CLI interface.
The CLI interface permits easy integration with the VIM text editor!

Here is a detailed description of all changes:


- Added CLI similar to cscope: INTEGRATION WITH VIM (EMACS?).
- Added "Functions called by" query.
- Added "Change text" query
- If results found, switch automatically to select mode.
- TAB key for switching back to query mode while in select mode.
- Improved speed for loading of symbol table on startup.
- Fixed crash in screen resize handling.
- Added '-d' CLI option: do not update database at startup.
- Added '-f' CLI option: load given database at startup.
- Removed '-s' and '-t' CLI options.
- Fix problems of database corruption with CTRL-R command.
- Added -Z option for dumping database file (debugging only).
- Database is updated when files are removed or added in 
- Fix bug for opening file when EDITOR environment variable is not set.
- Fixed crash with symbol completion.
- Updated help window.
- Updated man page.
- Fix bug about reading past boundary of input file.
- Added 'q' command to exit freescope (navigation mode)

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